The worldwide beverage industry is a $1.9 trillion industry. Asia is predicted to account for almost 50% of the total global commercial beverage consumption by 2018.


The US market is the currently largest beverage market in the world at $355 billion. Approximately 45% of the category growth is coming from small supplier brands.


HBI currently sells into two key markets - Asia and the United States.

We focus on markets where we have a strategic advantage through our sales team, management, brand demand, and/or strategic alliances.


Our business model focuses on specific opportunities in each market that allow us to increase sales, expand our distribution network, and continually gain market share.

There are 300,000+ Canadians living in Hong Kong. We went out and added a legendary Canadian beer brewed at the oldest independent brewery in Canada, giving this market a taste of home.

There is large demand in Thailand for Mexican beer and tequila. Seeing this demand we went out and added the fastest growing Mexican beer in the world. 

Brazilian steakhouses and South American focused restaurants are popping up around the U.S. There is a shortage of wine options from South America. We went out and acquired the rights to one of the most popular wines in Brazil.

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